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April 26, 2012

Getting Recognition for Startup Brands

by Lauren Purkey

Thoughtful.co gift ideaThoughful.co gift table topics

Sifting through endless racks of clothing or staring at various electronic devices is often the fate that comes to mind when one contemplates shopping for a loved one. Thoughtful is attempting to change the stress of selecting gifts for friends and family by integrating data from Facebook and other sources to make intelligent recommendations based on users’ likes and dislikes.

As a startup, the company faced the challenge of establishing its brand in a market place that is already dominated with players such as Groupon and Living Social. As a result, sophisticated messaging was important to clearly differentiate the brand and build awareness with key audiences.

Thought leadership and executive visibility were also critical to cutting through the media clutter. One way to approach this is to become your own journalist and choose one topic and spokesperson to aggressively build and maintain social media, speaking and contributed article programs around. Also, involvement with the community through in-person events and social media can showcase a personal side of an organization, which in turn can be a key factor in gaining brand loyalty.

Lastly, it’s especially important during launches to make sure all aspects of your campaign are coordinated. Train spokespeople and marketing and social media managers to ensure that you are putting out a consistent message across all your communication vehicles – from press releases to blog and Twitter posts to marketing collateral.

You can view a case study on Nyhus’ work for Thoughtful here: http://www.nyhus.com/our-work/case-studies/thoughtful/

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