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April 13, 2012

Using infographics and multimedia news releases to distribute news

by Angi Ramos

In the PR industry, there’s a reoccurring debate – are press releases still an effective way to distribute your news and announcements? Or are alternative ways to connect to your company’s audience replacing traditional forms of promotion?

In a recent project with American Express, the team wanted to  get more insights about how consumers feel about new and emerging payment options – such as Serve, PayPal and Google Wallet.  So we conducted both qualitative focus groups and a nationwide quantitative survey to really dig into consumer attitudes.

As you can imagine, we uncovered a lot of data through the research, but we needed a creative way to communicate our findings as well as create a narrative around how the payments landscape is changing. We decided to create an infographic that posed the question: “what does your wallet say about you?” Using the research, we weaved together three archetypes of consumers and used the infographic to bring our numbers to life and connect them to the larger trend story as well.

In addition to our survey data, we also wanted to communicate the benefits of the American Express Prepaid Card and their Serve peer-to-peer payment technology. Because we had a multi-layered approach, we decided to pursue a Multimedia News Release (MNR), which lets you include interactive tools like videos and photos. This has many of the same advantages of a social media release.

We saw great results with the MNR and infographic in a variety of outlets including national and industry specific publications. Additionally, the infographic was shared virally on social media channels and interactive blogs – which can be hard to do with traditional press releases.

When distributing news, you have to think about how people want to consume it. By using visual assets such as infographics, microsites, videos and online newsrooms, you can make sure that reporters and consumers alike have the ability to share your news and access all the background content to tell a rich story.

What you do you think is the best way to distribute news? Have you seen any creative infographics lately?





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