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Customer focus

At Nyhus, we know that client trust is earned through exceptional service.  Every client deserves our best, and that’s what we are committed to giving in everything we do. We are deeply committed to understanding your needs—not just at the level of requirement, but at the deeper levels of empathy and care. Your interest is our interest.  Your mission is our mission.  Your success is our success.



Relationships are the core of our business. The strategic professional, political and media relationships we develop for our clients generate real business results and policy change. Our talented, diverse team comes from many different worlds—corporate, government, media, foundations, nonprofits. We use our broad and divergent talents to complement each client and each project. Nyhus has helped many organizations position themselves more strategically, attract support and investment, and manage crises. Our clients benefit from valuable, deep relationships nurtured over the course of our 20-year history. These relationships influence business, political and policy decisions, and provide the connections for which the Nyhus team is well-regarded.


Quality first

We are committed to excellence and to adding strategic and creative value for our clients. The Nyhus team consists of highly accomplished communications professionals and advocacy experts.  We strive to give our clients the highest quality strategic counsel and deliverables by sustaining a premier, high-performance culture of expertise, teamwork, resourcefulness and camaraderie.   We understand that to partner with the best, we must be the best. This knowledge informs all that we do.


Comprehensive solutions

Our services include a comprehensive array of public relations, public affairs, and executive communications capabilities. The value in offering diverse but integrated communications services is clear—we’re better able to meet individual client needs and offer more valuable solutions. We work closely with our clients to understand their specific challenges and tailor communications and advocacy strategies to meet their unique requirements. We draw from the entire spectrum of communications disciplines, tools and opportunities to make sure our clients achieve their goals.