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Imperium Renewables

Imperium RenewablesImperium RenewablesImperium Renewables

Seattle-based biodiesel manufacturer and next-generation biofuels producer Imperium Renewables approached Nyhus Communications in 2011 to tell their story of survival and growth after being battered during the great recession. The company has the second largest biodiesel production facility in the country, located in Hoquiam, Wash., at the Port of Grays Harbor.


In 2009, biodiesel manufacturer Imperium Renewables suffered after a string a hardships, including challenges from high European tariffs, a sharp increase in the cost of agricultural feedstocks, the loss of a major contract, a failed public offering, and laying off many employees at the Imperium Grays Harbor facility. Despite a widely-hailed debut, these setbacks led many to believe Imperium Renewables has ceased their operations. In 2011, Imperium approached Nyhus Communications to tell the story of their survival during the great recession and prospects for growth.


Nyhus developed a “rolling thunder” narrative over the course of several months to demonstrate Imperium’s success, reintroduce the media, elected officials and the public to their story, and make key announcements around innovative aviation biofuels initiatives of the company. Starting first with the Grays Harbor community and expanding to regional and national targets, Nyhus managed outreach timing and objectives, briefed media on the history, growth, and future of Imperium and coordinated with lobbyists in Washington, D.C., to ensure the news reached key elected officials and staff.


The Aberdeen Daily World published two stories highlighting the growth at Imperium and their commitment to hiring veterans. The first story was published by multiple regional news outlets and picked up nationally. Then KING 5 News featured Imperium in an evening broadcast. Nyhus worked with the Seattle Times on a feature of Imperium and the company’s CEO John Plaza, and then helped Imperium make major announcements around federal grants to pursue renewable jet fuel development. Over the next several months Imperium was mentioned in national print outlets like the Wall Street Journal, industry news outlets and technology blogs, putting the company back on the clean technology map.

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