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Expertise. Strategy. Comprehensive engagement. Results.
That’s what Nyhus delivers to clients.

Public Relations

Strategic brand positioning and genuinely connecting with key target audiences is the essence of effective public relations. Our team brings deep expertise and passion to every challenge—and consistently gets results. We are thorough in our approach. Our capabilities and experience extend across a diverse group of industries and encompass all forms of strategic communication. We aggressively pursue local, national and international opportunities to connect and engage through print, broadcast and online media, and through original publications. We are pragmatic, resourceful and creative, and we’re driven to partner with our clients in actively advancing business goals. From planning and strategy development to creating effective messaging and high-impact communications and events to achieve maximum coverage and visibility, we play to win.

Public Affairs

From Washington state to Washington, D.C., the Nyhus public affairs team is a leader in shaping business and public policy issues. We offer experienced, talented, well-connected and spirited advocacy at the intersection of government, business, media and the community. Our strategic, relationship-based approach allows us to direct the public dialogue, mobilize support and craft alliances, influence decision-makers and achieve policy change. We’re highly focused on compelling, original messaging through a broad range of tactical tools and communications channels. We work at the local, regional, national and international levels developing effective strategic public affairs campaigns for a variety of clients. We are highly motivated, determined and have a strong will to succeed—and we do.

Executive Communications

Executive communications focuses directly on the leader and strategically positioning the leader with key internal and external audiences. This differentiates it from the media-centered focus of public relations and the public issue-centered focus of public affairs, although the three overlap. Executive communications encompasses communications consulting, planning, strategy development and tactical execution. These activities help leaders reach key audiences to achieve individual and enterprise objectives. This focus requires advanced level writing and communications deliverables, including speeches, presentations, op-eds and other authored articles, well-defined messaging for each key audience, video scripts and online content. The transcendent goal of successful executive communications is to establish executives as thought leaders and strengthen the trust and influence they have with key audiences.